What do we stand for?

We have a passion for making a difference. We apply our energy and know-how to making sure your communication and change programs are a success.

How do we work for you?

We use our 30 years' of digital change, business and technology expertise to help you build stronger relationships and deliver the change you want to see.

What qualifies us to offer these services to you?

Our founder, Karen Paterson, is a certified Change Management Specialist (CMS) and has achieved a Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation covering these topics - Market and Industry Analysis, Strategy, Leadership, Business Development and Marketing.

Karen has developed:

  • digital strategies that helped staff and leaders build their confidence and capability with social media;

  • messages in response to community questions about COVID-19;

  • and delivered engagement strategies for the digital transformation of payment services; the modernisation of health, and for an ICT workforce plan and online capability tool.

How can we help you?

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