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Sponsoring innovation...Spitfire

The Boson Group is delighted to announce our sponsorship of the Australian Spitfire Association, for its 60th anniversary.

We are providing professional communication and media services to the Association as they roll-out a comprehensive media and social media campaign.


The campaign features a commemoration series; profiling the pilots and ground crew, men and women who were key to the success of the Spitfire.

News includes updates on the Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship, profiles of Fellows, and the important research they do to keep Australia resilient.

The 60th anniversary culminates in a celebratory dinner held on Saturday 9th, in conjunction with the Temora Aviation Museum, taking place in the Museum hangar alongside the Spitfires.


“We applaud the Spitfire Association for supporting Australian innovation and in funding Australian research into fields such as hyper sonics, cyber security, unmanned aerial systems and artificial intelligence,” said Karen Paterson, Director, The Boson Group.

The Boson Group actively promotes Australian innovators having previously launched a women’s business accelerator platform, Australian technology start-ups and an Australian data management firm taking creative approaches to solving global big data challenges.



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