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"The rise of women in investment and innovation: unleashing potential"

Orchestrating the launch of a women-led investment accelerator

Initial engagement and strategy development

We were selected by our client to spearhead the launch of their new investment accelerator dedicated to supporting women-led businesses, drawing on our extensive experience in marketing startups and tech organisations. Our journey began with a meeting with the accelerator’s founding chairperson to understand the organisation’s goals as it prepared to enter the Australian market.

During our discussions, we attended a preliminary business pitch session where several pioneering women entrepreneurs showcased the unique solutions and focal points of their ventures.

Launch planning and media engagement

Armed with insights from these initial interactions, we developed a comprehensive launch plan, compiled a targeted media list, and crafted bespoke pitches for various media outlets. We refined our strategy and pitches in consultation with the founding chairperson and an advisory board member, ensuring alignment with their vision.

Media relations and event promotion

With the green light to proceed, we reached out to each media contact, conveying the ethos of the accelerator and extending invitations to the launch event. Each follow-up included a personalised invitation and detailed information linking back to the accelerator’s origins in the USA.

As interest from top media outlets grew, we facilitated opportunities for interviews with the global CEO and the founders, preparing detailed briefs for both the Australian chairperson and the international visitors.

Launch day success and media impact

The launch event surpassed expectations, featuring the global CEO and several entrepreneurs across prominent publications including The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Age. Further in-depth features were published in Women's Agenda, various business magazines, and on national television, highlighted by a segment on ABC's 'The Business' program.

Enduring success

Following the launch, many of the women entrepreneurs secured growth funding and expanded their businesses internationally. The client’s business has continued to grow, offering ongoing support to entrepreneurs across multiple global markets.

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