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Mastering the art of clear communication to secure funding


What was the challenge?

Securing funds in a competitive market is a challenge for many, and it was certainly the case for our client.

So, what did we do, and how did we help our client secure vital funds for their cancer research?

Why were we selected?

With our clear communication expertise and experience of working with the research community, we were invited to identify a practical approach and strategy to help our client get money for cancer research.

What did we do?

To get a clear understanding of the current situation and the challenge with getting funding, we evaluated the most recent submissions and interviewed staff involved in the preparing the submissions. We heard, first-hand, the challenges they faced in getting the information together for each submission, and in securing funding.

To make the process of pulling together funding submissions easier and to increase our client's chances of success with getting funds, these are the steps we took:

  • we developed a practical communication strategy with easy steps to follow

  • we crafted messages tailored to different funding bodies stated aims

  • we structured these messages to make it easy to incorporate them into individual funding submissions

  • we setup an a secure online collaboration site for researchers to make it easy for researchers and their collaborators to collect and collate all source information for submissions

  • we researched and provided a list of potential, alternative funding sources, in Australia and overseas with links to the funding bodies websites

  • our list of potential funding sources included philanthropic, business, government and community organisations.

The online site meant researchers could securely store their professional profiles, record of their publications and articles, and links to additional supporting information.

How did we increase our client's likelihood of getting funding?

We created a greater resonance with the messages we drafted by linking the stated aims of each funding group with the key benefits of our client's research.

We used our research into potential, alternative funding sources to unearth the stated aims of these funding organisations and evaluated these against the benefits of our client's research project.

We handed over the strategy and list of funding sources for our client to use in future submissions.

The result

And the result? We were so excited to hear that our client got not one, but two additional sources of funding; one from a community group and one from a corporate social responsibility program focused on healthcare.

Our client was able to continue to develop their research, because of the additional funding they received, using the strategy we created. The insights from their research provide invaluable insights to the healthcare professionals and allied care professionals involved in cancer care.

How can we help you get heard, and get the results you need?




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